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Screen Repair
Computer Upgrades

Making Windows Faster for Marshall County Since 2006

CS Computer Repair


We repair broken laptop screens for much less than most computer repair shops. We also repair black screen / no display, and video chip problems. We only use genuine original laptop screens.

No Display / Black Screen Repair

Your laptop powers on normally but you have a black screen or no display at all. You can get display to an external monitor but nothing on the laptop screen.

TESTING: Power Off your laptop.
Your laptop will have an external monitor jack. Find this jack on the left side (typ.) either HDMI or VGA connector.
Connect another Monitor (VGA) or TV (HDMI) 
Power On your laptop and watch this new attached screen to show life.

If nothing appears, wait for the normal boot time of your Laptop.
For WIndows 8 & 10 Pressing Win+P displays the Presentation Display Mode window, which lets you toggle your laptop's presentation mode between Computer Only, Duplicate, Extended, or Projector Only. Win+X If you're running Windows 7 on a laptop.

CS Computer Repair


Hard Drive Upgrades
Store more music, pictures, and files with a new, larger capacity hard drive.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades
Slow laptop? Speed it up with a memory upgrade. Most laptops have an insufficient amount of memory installed. Increasing the amount of memory gives your laptop an instant performance boost. 

Working in and around Arab since 2006


Making Windows Faster for Marshall County Since 2006

CS Computer Repair


Website Design & Redesign
The design of your site greatly effects the impression that a customer acquires of your company. An appealing and attractive design interests the user in your products and adds to your company’s online promotions.

Many people do not know, but the exit-rate from visiting a Website on a phone drops considerably if that Website is not built/optimized for Mobile. We will help build a Mobile Website so it automatically recognizes that the visitor is coming from a Mobile or Tablet device.  

We get asked a lot – “can you help fix our website?”, and our answer is YES. We have helped many clients with their regular or custom Websites, including HTML, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP, Ajax, WordPress, Joomla, Megento, osCommerce, ZenCart, Drupal and other systems.

CS Computer Repair


Hosting and Free Changes
We host our clients on a 100% Secure, Dedicated Server. Clients receive 99.9% uptime, and, oh yeah, it’s 64.00 per year! We like to put ourselves in our clients shoes, and feel that hosting is a service that should be included with every Website we design, which is why we offer our basic-through-intermediate plans (which cover nearly all clients) at a reduced rate.

Free Changes
We know that during the year things will change. Simply email the changes needed and we will do everything for you.  Plus... We are only a phone call away.

You may have heard this term from time to time. It only means Search Engine Optimization. Meaning that your site is built so that the spiders or robots, that scan the web, will easily incorporate your site into their search results.

We teamed up with Pro Star Planet for Hosting here in Arab Alabama in 2008

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