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Your hard Drive Failure and where all your good stuff is stored. We Try to save ALL Date!

Internal Mechanical Failure
This is the failure of any moving mechanical component found within a storage device.

Intermittent Failure
This is the failure of a storage device to operate reliably. In some cases it may not be possible to isolate the exact fault.

Physical Media Damage
 This can occur when a head has physical contact with the surface of platter. When the head (s) come into contact with the platter it digs into the platter removing a chunk of the media. As the platter spins, debris is scattered causing read errors.

Media Corruption
This type of damage can effect the magnetic information stored on the media. It can affect both the user data stored on the drive and the critical drive servo information that controls the positioning of the heads.
Electronics Failure
This is the failure of a storage device’s circuitry (the brain of the storage device).

CS Computer Repair


- Laptop does not charge the battery.
- Center pin inside the dc jack is missing.
- Laptop turns off randomly when power plug is moved.
- You have to wiggle the plug all the time to make it charge.
- You have to hold the cable at certain position so it will work.
- DC power plug/jack is loose.

This is typically a straight forward repair. I disassemble the laptop to see what type of jack it is, order the part and install it. Power Jacks are normally a 2 day delivery. 

We back up our service with a full 60 days parts
and labor warranty.

Over 30 Years Experience in I.T.

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